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Legal System: Must safeguard, trust, and provide fairness to all: Akshat Khetan, Founder, AU Corporate and Legal Advisory Services (AUCL)

Legal System: Must safeguard, trust, and provide fairness to all: Akshat Khetan

A country’s economic success is not only about resource availability but equally about the presence of a robust legal system that safeguards trust, investment, and fairness for all- Akshat Khetan

Akshat Khetan, Founder of AU Corporate and Legal Advisory Services at recently concluded ASSOCHAM Bharat Legal Conclave & National Legal Excellence Awards 2023 at The Imperial Hotel in Delhi.

Embracing technology to cohesively align harmony : Law minister at ASSOCHAM legal conclave

Bharat Legal Conclave 2023

Digital Courts: Future Of The Indian Legal System

SKS Power resolution hits NCLT roadblock

Lender’s Dilemma: Maintain Poetic Leniency Or Plan Monetary Prudence

MahaMTB Exclusive: India’s Embrace of ‘Bharat’: Economic Implications Unveiled

MahaMTB Exclusive: इंडियाचा 'भारत' स्वीकार: आर्थिक परिणामांचे अनावरण - अक्षत खेतान

How diplomatic mileage of hosting G20 Summit will outlast immediate tangible gains for New Delhi- Akshat Khetan

India successfully hosts G20 Summit as ‘Modinomics’ takes centre stage- Authored by Akshat Khetan, founder of AU Corporate Advisory and Legal Services

AI: Are we ready to automate law?

“The revival is more than a return to normal; it’s a reimagining of what hospitality can be.”- Akshat Khetan (The Hindu- Business Line 23/08/2023)

एयू कॉर्पोरेट के संस्थापक अक्षत खेतान के अनुसार, देश की जीडीपी को बढ़ाने में ये कदम होंगे सहायक: इंडिया टीवी

Debt and Default in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC): A New Perspective on Resolution and Rehabilitation- Akshat Khetan

Contribution of IBC in India’s economic development- By Akshat Khetan

Views covered in The Hindu BusinessLine (14/08/2023)
"Fraud is the daughter of greed’ says Akshat Khetan"

Akshat Khetan- ET (12/08/23- Page 12) Views on NBFC Resolution.

Akshat Khetan, says, "Resolving NBFC through IBC can be a complex decision that depends on various factors, including the nature of the NBFC's operations, the extent of financial distress, and the regulatory framework in place.

The Prepackaged Insolvency Resolution Process: A Pathway to Early Revival

Intricacies Of Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: The Need For Amendments - By Abhijeet Sinha And Akshat Khetan

AU CORPORATE : A leading provider of corporate strategies & financial advisory

Young Professionals should have an entrepreneurial mindset for Job creation - Akshat Khetan

Views expressed in The Economic Times on 22nd July, 2023- Akshat Khetan

This move is extraordinarily injurious to the endurance of the online gaming industry- Akshat Khetan

“Leading the Way…” featured in Vistara Airline Magzine

The Road To Success Must Be Paved By A Certain Sense Of Responsibility & Sustainability

Navigating Risks And Opportunities Of AI In Legal Practice

IBC has fallen woefully short in its primary objective of fetching recovery for creditors involved. The processes & recovery resemble a scrapyard

एयू कॉपोर्रेटः कॉपोर्रेट रणनीतियों और वित्तीय सलाहकारों का एक अग्रणी प्रदाता

Hear from Akshat Khetan at ETLegalLeadershp2023 conclave!


Under the leadership of Akshat Khetan, AUCL has ensured that the endeavours of its clients are successful

Article In Navbharat Times In Hindi 21 May 2023

Go First Airlines’ Voluntary Insolvency Case Divides Legal Fraternity & Raises Trust Concerns In India’s Aviation Sector

A Risky Flight: Why ‘Go First’ Will End As A Landmark Ruling?

Importance of strong Corporate Governance in preventing unethical behaviour & protecting the interest of the stakeholders

Foreign Legal Firms In India? New Frontiers Or A Floodgate?

Funding Matters: Inside The State Versus Union Conundrum

ET Legal Leadership 2023 : Speaking on the topic of the panel discussion - Law, Leadership & India Inc

Wilful Default: A Local Solution For A Global Economic Menace

It is no longer a conventional budget but a consequential one - Akshat Khetan

Centralised Unification Of Gaming Laws- Need Of The Hour In India

Budget 2023: Govt has announced a targeted Amritkaal Budget for Amritpidi

Budget 2023-24 Expectation: Why government’s last Budget won’t be populist or poll-friendly


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